Professional Home Decor Styling Tips

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8 Styling Tips

I would love to have a professional come and do my entire home and style it perfectly, but I also have a DIY spirit. So I wanted to introduce you to Kristen McGowan, who is an Interior Designer. She has a YouTube channel full of home design tips and tricks. Fall is a time of year that people start thinking about changing their home decor. We want more layers like blankets and pillows. We want warmth.  So I thought I would show you one of Kristen’s videos, which has had 1.6 million views. She will give you 8 Styling Tips that I hope you find helpful and inspiring.

8 Styling Tips

Ms. McGowan covers many topics about home decor.

  1. Pillows- She breaks down all things pillow, including the professional karate chop in the middle. You will never just throw a few pillows on your couch again. Instead, you will think out size, texture, and color.
  2. Style in Three- This has always been key to professional design. She gives a good description with photographic examples for you to grasp the Style in Three approach.
  3. Wall Decor- Her best tip is the height photographs and artwork should hang. It is a sure sign if you are a novice at interior design if your wall decor hangs too high. She also covers briefly grouping pictures for a gallery wall.
  4. Patterns- This is probably the one area where things can go really wrong. Following her tips you will be sure to use patterns effectively and beautifully.
  5. Scale- Size does matter in home decor. With good photographic examples, you can get a good feel for the importance of scale in design.
  6. Color- Kristen covers monochromatic looks, pops of color, and complementary colors. You cannot go wrong with any of these unless you try all three at once.
  7. Balance- You want your rooms to look welcoming. The best way to do that is with balance. People want to feel comfortable in your space. Furniture placement goes a long way in forming a balanced look.
  8. Cohesive Look- This tip is especially important with open concept houses. You want each room to complement the other with the same textures, colors, and patterns repeating. You want it to look like it all belongs.

In conclusion, I hope you liked her video about 8 Styling Tips. You can always subscribe to her channel to stay informed. She definitely has a good style and a great eye when it comes to home design and home decor. Enjoy!