Record Fish from Lake Conroe

Lara DeHavenCommunity Events, Lake Conroe

Record Fish

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” Well, I see people fishing all the time as I drive by Lake Conroe. Now I wonder what they are truly after. It made me curious not only to what kinds of fish people typically caught, but also how big the fish were. So I did a quick search and landed on a page that held the All-Tackle Records for Lake Conroe. What I found amazed me! I knew there were record fish out there and little did I know some were monsters.

Kinds of Fish

There are many types of fish in Lake Conroe. The main two types are catfish and bass. Catfish are the second most desired fish to catch. Channel catfish are the most predominant kind. Fisherman also catch many blue catfish. Many kinds of bass call Lake Conroe home. The largemouth bass is the most sought after kind. However, the lake is also full of white and hybrid striped bass. Additionally, you can catch different kinds of crappie and bluegill.

Fish Records

These are not fish tales. The All-Tackle Records for catfish stand as follows: Blue Catfish at 99 pounds and 55 1/2 inches long, Channel Catfish at 18.5 pounds and 35 inches long, and a Flathead Catfish at 86 pounds and 55 inches long. Undeniably those are big catfish! The All-Tackle Records for bass are: Largemouth Bass at 15.93 pounds and 27 inches long, Striped Bass at 12.11 pounds and 28.5 inches, and Hybrid Striped Bass at 14.78 pounds and 29 inches long.

In the All-Ages Angler records, none have been attained this year. So there is still time for you to beat someone else’s record! Since you use different bait for catfish and bass, what are you going after? Regardless I hope you catch something good. There are record fish in Lake Conroe.