Lake Conroe & San Jacinto River Authority – Harvey Debrief

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I was recently showing property to a sweet couple from the Lake Houston area. We had a great day seeing houses that might be their next place to call home and enjoy their retirement years. Along the way we got to talking and I heard them say something that has become a common theme from folks south of Conroe and particularly in the Humble, Kingwood, and Lake Houston area. The theme I’m hearing from folks in those areas is that ‘Lake Conroe flooded us’.

Harvey was such a devastating storm for much of the greater Houston area that people are rightly looking to find ways to weather a storm like that better, to improve flood control and processes, and some are looking where to place blame. I think the constructive part is right and good, but the blame game is unfortunate and unreasonable when it comes to blaming Lake Conroe for flooding during Harvey.

I’ve wondered why anyone would look to blame any person or entity for flooding in the worst recorded rainfall in modern history. No human entity or person could have stopped it or prevented it. At Lake Conroe, for instance, their actions actually reduced the severity of things, but there is nothing they could have done to prevent it. There is misinformation going around, and our discussion revealed one of the sources for that.

They shared with me that they were high and dry, but it was their friends who were flooded, and that the insurance company was not paying because they are saying it was a ‘man made event’ (i.e. Lake Conroe flooded us)!!! Can you believe that!?

Thankfully, I just recently had the opportunity to sit in on a presentation by the San Jacinto River Authority. It was full of good and helpful information that helps to put things in the proper perspective. You can see it below, and I hope it helps you.

Hurricane Harvey Rainfall Event on Lake Conroe