Two Different Ways to Decorate for Fall

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Decorate for Fall

School is back in session, which means that it will be fall very soon. As hot as it has been this summer, I am sure that we are all looking forward to crisp mornings and cooler temperatures throughout the day. Decorating seasonally is a popular pastime for many and changing our decor even slightly makes our home feel new and fresh. So today we are going to look at different way to decorate for fall.

I have found two “Decorate with Me in 2022” videos by two very different women. First we have Molly Nicole and then we have Lauren Nicholson. The talented ladies have totally different styles, yet both love the fall and have an eye for design. I decided to showcase both knowing that each may speak to a different viewer. Are you more into neutrals? Then you might prefer the first video. It has more of a farmhouse vibe, too. Do you like more color, especially for fall? Then the second video will speak to you more. Her home has a more high-end, traditional vibe. Who knows maybe you take ideas from both videos and make your house look amazing?!

Both women in the different videos rely on finding fall decor at the same places. Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and Target are the main ones. Thankfully these stores are easy to get to in the Lake Conroe area. Of course you can find items in other stores. Thrift stores might be rich with finds that you can build upon like crocks, bowls, vases, etc.

A tip is to be on the lookout early before they sell out. I know that can be hard because when I walk into a store in August melting from the 100 degree temperature the last thing on my mind is Christmas. And yet, Hobby Lobby is already full of Christmas decor. However, it is arguably the best time to look. The shelves are full and the aisles are clear. Another tip is don’t skip the Bullseye section at Target for very inexpensive fillers like baby pumpkins. It is always right by the entrance and only takes a minute to survey if there are any finds.

I hope you enjoy both decorating videos and at a minimum get inspired to bring autumnal colors and decor into your home. It doesn’t matter which style you prefer or what your budget is, you can find ways to decorate your home for fall.