317 West Lewis Street: A Multi-Family Unit in Conroe

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317 West Lewis Street

Today I am excited to highlight a new listing, 317 West Lewis Street. It is not my typical single-family home listing. Instead, it is a multi-family unit in Conroe. This property is a wonderful opportunity for any investor. Here are four main selling points for 317 W. Lewis St.

Main Home

Within this listing, there are two structures. We will first explore the main home. The house has over 2,500 sq ft. Within that space, it has the potential for five bedrooms and three bathrooms. What really makes this unique and ready for rental properties is that it has three exterior doors. Therefore, it can be converted into three separate rentals easily. Already this listing is showing real promise for passive income.

Multiple Units

In addition to the main home, the second structure on the property consists of two apartments. One is on the ground floor and the other is upstairs. The former has two bedrooms and one bathroom in less than 1,000 sq ft. The latter apartment consists of one bedroom and one bathroom in over 600 sq ft. These additional units really elevate the income potential of this one property.

Massive Lot

The massive corner lot included with this property is a huge selling point. It includes plenty of space for parking for each of your potential tenants. In addition to parking, there is still green space for your tenants to enjoy outside.

Marketable Location

The number one rule of real estate is “location, location, location.” So what would draw potential renters to 317 West Lewis? It has a wonderful location in the heart of downtown Conroe. The booming city center lies within a short walk. From restaurants and bars with live music to boutiques and shops, you can access them all with your two feet or with a super short drive.

Additionally, its proximity to Interstate 45, enables commuters to get into Houston quickly and with ease. The Woodlands, Montgomery, Huntsville, and Lake Conroe are also at your fingertips. You would find it easy with such a marketable location to entice renters to choose this property as their home.

Hopefully, you can see the business opportunity that 317 West Lewis offers for any real estate investor. Between the main house and multiple units, you can generate passive income for years to come. The massive lot and marketable location are sure to help you draw renters to this property. Check out its full listing. Of course, let Mike Goins know if you are interested in this property directly by calling 936-444-5929. Start making money on your investment with this multi-family unit.