Are You in the Market for a House?

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A cardboard shape of a house is in a shopping cart.

Are you in the market for a house? Well, the housing market has slowed back into more normalcy since the feeding frenzy during and immediately after the pandemic. In fact, some people are afraid of a bubble bursting. Others are worried about rising interest rates. On the other hand, some people think the housing market is holding strong and steady. Regardless of your opinion on the current state of the housing market, you should understand the ten steps you need to follow before buying a home in 2022.

Rachel Cruze with Ramsey Solutions shares a very informative step-by-step process. This will take out all the guesswork for first-time home buyers or anyone who is jumping into today’s market.

The Ten Steps are:

  1. Assess if you are really ready to buy.
  2. Figure out your maximum house price.
  3. Assess if you have enough saved.
  4. Secure pre-approval.
  5. Hire a good real estate agent.
  6. Start looking for your new home.
  7. Submit a good offer.
  8. Spring for an inspection and appraisal.
  9. Display patience through the closing process.
  10. Close the deal.

To read the original article by Rachel Cruze, click here. She explains more and has great links for a mortgage calculator and other tools.

We completely agree with Rachel on these points. You never want to have regrets. A house is a huge investment. You also don’t want to stretch your finances too far and become house poor. Therefore, work through these first four steps before you reach out to an agent or hunt for a house.

Ramsey Trusted Agents

Are you looking for a trusted and experienced real estate agent? Look no further than Mike Goins. He earned a spot as a Ramsey Trusted Agent, which used to be called Ramsey Endorsed Local Providers two years ago. Mike has 17+ years of experience and recently won the Lake Homes Realty’s Splash Award as the 2022 Agent of the Year.

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Mike will walk you through the house-buying process as painlessly as possible. Feel confident in your offer. He can recommend home inspectors and home appraisers as well as great title companies. You will be in good hands with Mike Goins.

If you are in the market for a house and have followed the first four steps before buying a home in 2022, then reach out to Mike Goins Real Estate and we will help you cross the finish line.