Benefits of Lawn Care

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An example of lawn care as a man mows his grass with a push lawnmower.

With all the rain we have been getting in the Lake Conroe area, your lawn probably really needs to be mowed. Did you know that grass needs the night temperatures to be above 70 degrees F in order to grow? Between the amount of rain and the warm temperatures, grass in our area is growing like crazy. Today we are going to explore the benefits of lawn care and pay particular interest to one advantage.

Lawn Insider is a YouTube channel based in Texas. It focuses on DIY lawn maintenance. Rhett just put out this video, in which he goes over eight good reasons to take care of your own lawn. Hear his reasons, and then we will focus on the biggest advantage in my opinion.

8 Reasons to Take Care of Your Lawn:

  1. It saves you money when you do it yourself.
  2. A maintained lawn raises your home value.
  3. Yard work is great exercise, plus you get your daily dose of Vitamin D.
  4. It reduces stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels.
  5. When your lawn work is finished, you gain a sense of accomplishment.
  6. Proper maintenance reduces the number of pests in your yard and home.
  7. You can enjoy your lawn more when it is properly maintained.
  8. This one is the most subjective reason—lawn care is fun and enjoyable.

Connection Between Lawn Maintenance and Home Values

Rhett’s number two reason is true. A maintained lawn can raise your home value. Bob Vila says that great landscape design can increase your home value by 20%. Check out his article as he goes through different issues in your yard you might need to address from too many yard ornaments to too many trees. Surprisingly, the Lawn Care Institute says that great grass alone can increase your home value by 15%. The Lawn Doctor’s article lists different aspects of lawn care you may need to consider.

Each time you mow, water, or fertilizer you are investing in your home’s value. It can be a worthy investment that pays back big in the long haul. Maybe that is what makes Rhett’s number eight reason true. You can enjoy working on your lawn because it is adding value to your property.

Take care of your lawn whether you do it yourself like Rhett or hire someone else because the benefits outweigh the time, effort, and money. Besides your lawn is one of the first things people notice about your home. A well-cared-for lawn and well-designed landscaping definitely elevate your home’s overall curb appeal.