Big Little Fudge: A Sweet Piece of Chocolate Heaven

Lara DeHavenLake Conroe, Local Business, Montgomery County, News

Big Little Fudge

We want to spotlight a business that was born in the Lake Conroe/Montgomery area.  Today we are highlighting Big Little Fudge.  Just like it sounds, this business produces delectable fudge.  Robin Strickland and Kevin Graham opened the sweet shop in 2011 and since then it has grown and expanded into a nationally-known brand.  They did so well with the company that they no longer own it.  As of January of this year, it is now a part of the Sweet Shop USA family.

Most people love chocolate, but Strickland and Graham found a way to make their product stand apart from all other confections.  They focused on fudge, but found that the packaging was key.  Each piece is individually packaged to ensure that it stays moist and fresh.  They sell each of their 13 flavors individually, in cute tin boxes, or small burlap bags.  Their fudge makes great gifts, especially considering the variety of flavors for nut lovers, nut haters, or gluten-free options.  There is a flavor for everyone.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of letting one bite melt in your mouth, then you certainly need to try it.  You can find their products in many stores online, including Amazon.

Big Little Fudge was born in Montgomery, and through a lot of hard work and thinking outside the box is thriving nationally.  It is cool to think that it all started here.  It is sweeter to know that each bite is a sweet piece of chocolate heaven.