Blooms and Berries Fest

Lara DeHavenCommunity Events, Local Business, Montgomery County

Sunflower field for the Blooms and Berries Fest

The sweetness of summer in Texas comes in the form of blackberries. Well, at least from now through June, both wild and cultivated blackberries ripen on their thorny vines. Also, sunflowers are classic summertime flowers. Enjoy both at the Blooms and Berries Fest at P-6 Farms.

When and Where

The Blooms and Berries Fest begins tomorrow Saturday, May 27th and runs through June 18th on weekends only. The events starts early at 9 a.m. and runs until noon. This will keep you outdoors during the coolest part of the day. P-6 Farms is just west of Montgomery on Highway 105. Its address is 9963 Poole’s Road, Montgomery, Texas 77356.


P-6 Farms planted a field of sunflowers for your enjoyment. You are invited to stroll through the field and take as many photographs as you desire. The flowers are available for picking, too. However, there might be a maximum number available to pick so check when you arrive. Also, bring your own scissors to cut the flowers. It costs $4.00 per bloom to pick, but it costs nothing extra to take photos or stroll through the field.


What a great experience to take children out to pick their own fruit! Bring a bucket for your berries and wear gloves to protect your fingers from the prickly thorns. You will pay $7 per pound for your harvest. As blackberries grow, the berries go from green to red to shiny black. Therefore, ripe blackberries are black. The last stage of the ripening process occurs when the blackberries go from shiny to dull. Look for the dullest black berries if you want the sweetest berries.

Blackberries are great to eat fresh. They also make incredible jam or cobbler. For a refreshing drink, blackberry hibiscus lemonade is a great summer beverage.

In addition, to the sunflowers and blackberries, you will also have access to their rides like the roller coaster and fun slide. So bring a bucket, scissors, and a camera to fully enjoy the morning at P-6 Farms’ Blooms and Berries Fest. Remember to purchase your tickets online before heading out.