Buck the Trends for Fall 2023

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Buck the Trends

The official first day of fall is September 23rd. So, you might be looking for ways to decorate your home with fall decor. However, have you walked through Michaels or Hobby Lobby lately? Did you notice a lack of great fall decor and an overabundance of Halloween decorations? Well, buck the trends and do what makes you think of fall and harvest time. Today we will explore your options beyond shopping at your neighborhood craft stores.

I ran across A Charming Abode channel on YouTube. Leslie also was unhappy with the fall trends for 2023. You can watch the entire video to hear her opinions as she walks through both Michaels and Hobby Lobby. In fact, she was able to find a few great things at the latter store, but there were not enough items to film an entire episode. Instead, she decides to not follow trends and explore her own classy style.

Seven Aesthetically-Pleasing Trends

Layering Textures-

Mix and match different textures. The most important part is that you use colors that you love for fall. Velvet, cashmere, wool, plaids, and solids are great places to start. Each offers different textures and patterns. Adding these visually-pleasing layers will make your home feel cozy and warm, which is perfect for fall.

Jewel Tones-

Highlight the beauty of gemstones this year. Sapphire, emerald, ruby, and more will fill your home with rich color. Leslie loved the velvet pumpkins at Hobby Lobby. They came in a variety of jewel tones.

Rustic Elements-

Natural elements like acorns and pinecones combined with distressed wood scream fall and pair nicely with the layered textures and jewel tones. Also farmhouse lanterns or cedar slices are great rustic elements to add to your home this fall. You can never go wrong with the beauty of nature.

Vintage Glamour-

Use beautiful, antique pieces to bring in both charm and interest in your fall decor. From vintage clocks to mirrors to candlesticks, look through y0ur attic, storage unit, or your local thrift stores for the perfect vintage finds.

Lighted Ambiance-

Add soft light with candles or even twinkle lights. It makes your home beautiful at night and illuminates your room gently without harsh overhead lighting. Use scented candles and fill the room with a nice fall aroma. Truly aim to appeal to all five senses, which is super easy during fall.

Nature Inspired-

We have already discussed natural elements like pinecones and acorns, but you can also utilize apples and pumpkins in your fall decor. These give you a little whimsy and come in many colors.

Moody Florals-

Using darker color flowers in flower arrangements, artwork, and/or fabrics can set the mood of your room. Go with the unexpected–deep purples, golds, and dark reds. See how they incorporate with the jewel toned elements you already used.

You absolutely have the freedom to buck the trends for fall 2023. Sometimes we just need to hear it. Take what Leslie shared and create a warm and beautiful feel for fall that you love. After all, you are pleasing yourself regardless of trends in home decor. Happy decorating!