Christmas Party One-Stop Shop

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Christmas Party One-Stop Shop

The month of December is usually quite full of extra events and parties. During the week before Christmas, Christmas parties typically ramp up. Either you are hosting a get-together or you are bringing something delicious to share. However, we can often get in a rut and always serve or bring the same ol’ thing. To help you branch out and broaden your horizons, today we are going to explore ideas for your scheduled gatherings as a Christmas party one-stop shop.

Appetizers/Party Food

What is a party without food?! Let’s look beyond veggie trays and charcuterie boards. Jessica O’Donohue filmed a video entitled, “7 of the Best Holiday Appetizers Ever.” Not only does she show you how she makes each appetizer but her husband tries each one and gives his opinion. I found the how-to and commentary helpful. Together they make Meatball Cupcakes, Baked Potato Medallions, Sausage Muffins, Everything But the Bagel Kielbasa Bites, Crispy Loaded Tater Tots, Sweet & Savory Goat Cheese Crackers, and Spinach Artichoke Toast. All of these appetizers look like they would wow a crowd. Pick one and bring it to your next Christmas function.

Party Games

Whether your Christmas gathering has children in attendance or just a bunch of kids-at-heart, minute-to-win games are fun for everyone. Not only are they fun to play but they are sometimes more fun to watch. Brittany Flammer posted a video with ten Christmas-themed minute-to-win games that can be a springboard for you while planning party games. From games like Unwrapping a Kiss to the Rudolph Race, they do not require lots of supplies and materials. In fact, you probably have most of what is needed at your house. Create memories and family-friendly fun with these party games at your next Christmas party.

Decorating for the Party

While this section is mainly for those hosting the Christmas gathering, you can get great ideas for a hostess gift. Kristen McGowan goes on a thrift store run at the beginning of her video, but I am starting it where she shows how she utilizes each piece for functional decor throughout her home. Click here to watch.

She has cute ideas for chillingf wine, hot cocoa stations, and more. Hopefully, you will be inspired to be a great host for the holidays. Or, you could gift a hot cocoa basket to the host of your next party.

Holiday Beverages

Beyond hot cocoa, there are so many beverages you can serve at a Christmas party. Cozyaholic has several recipes that are alcohol-free and caffeine-free. They look festive and fabulous. If you are looking for more adult beverages, Cass and Home has you covered. Her peppermint white Russian or a mistletoe margarita looks interesting. In the description of her video, she has each recipe listed, which is super helpful. Additionally, you can make each of these drinks without the alcohol.

Christmas Ambiance

Having Christmas music softly playing in the background is a must. While you can spend time making your own playlist, the quickest way to accomplish this task is to play different Christmas playlists on your streaming service. Another way is to play music from YouTube on your device. For example, this video consists of six hours of traditional Christmas music. You can even play it on the television to add “warmth” to your party. The video is of a flickering fire in a fireplace. Of course, if you have a fireplace, you can always light a real one on a cold night.

From appetizers to games to holiday beverages to creating a festive ambiance, we have covered the main elements of a party. This post is a Christmas party one-stop shop. Now you don’t have to spend time researching and thinking what to make, what to play, or how to serve guests. Enjoy each Christmas gathering and, of course, have a Merry Christmas!