Get and Stay Organized in 2023

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Stay Organized

So many people make New Year’s Resolutions. Most do not finish their best-made plans. However, you can get organized and stay organized in 2023. Find out how with this 30-Day Challenge.

But First, Coffee challenges us to add simple cleaning and organizing tasks every day for 30 days. She is not a minimalist, which makes her more like the average person. And yet, she has found ways to not only get organized but stay that way.

Her Five Tips

We are what we repeatedly do.

Habits develop by doing them daily. For the next 30 days do not fail to do these five tips. You will get your home organized and learn how to keep it organized by developing this healthy habit.

Simplify your Stuff.

Excess stuff adds more work, anxiety, and stress to your day. Who needs more of that? Not me, and certainly not you. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need is a great start at organizing your home. And you might be a blessing to someone else who really needs what you do not.

Control the Flow.

How much stuff is coming into your home? We just celebrated Christmas and we probably received many gifts. Make room for the new by getting rid of some of the old. It doesn’t have to be Christmas. All year long we bring things into our home from work, school, friends, etc. Learn to balance the flow of things by developing more ways that possessions or items leave your home.

Reduce Excess Packaging.

She breaks down boxes as soon as she opens a package. What a great idea! I know my older children would love to help with this task. Make things fun for them and they will be ready and willing to help. Then have a place for the cardboard to collect until you can make it to the recycling bin. Junk mail and opened envelopes can easily take over a desk or counter. Learn to sort and discard trash immediately. Don’t let it take over your home before you start reducing excess packaging.

Give Everything a Home.

An organization dream! A place for everything and everything in its place. This is so much easier to do after you have simplified your stuff and reduce excess packaging. Then you can see what you really have and need. Use bins, dividers, baskets, etc to create homes for your things. Then even your children will know where things are and where those same things need to go back. Help them help you keep your home organized.

I hope you enjoyed this video from But First, Coffee and her 5 tips for getting and staying organized in 2023. Try her 30-Day Challenge and see what a difference it makes.