Healthy After-School Snacks

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Variety of healthy after-school snacks.

Now that school is back in session, you might be looking for ideas for healthy after-school snacks. Children of all ages come home hungry from school and want a little bit to eat before starting on their homework, attending extra-curricular activities, and/or playing outside. As parents you want a snack that will feed them nutritionally but also not spoil their appetite for dinner. Check out these eight healthy after-school snacks.

While there are no words on this Tasty video, it shows you how to make the different snacks. None of these snacks seem complicated to make. Some require forethought as freezing is required. However, each recipe has either fruit, vegetables, or whole grains. Each recipe also delivers a snack and not a meal, which gives your kids or grandkids just enough nutrition to get through the afternoon.

Healthy Snack Ideas

Zucchini Pizzas

Who needs crust when you can use a slice of zucchini? This is a great way to get the pizza flavor while adding a vegetable to their diet.

Loaded Apple Slices

Instead of going through many apples, use one to feed your hungry scholars. Load up the apple slices with their favorites. Choose from peanut butter or almond butter. Either have them completely ready or let them add their favorite toppings.

Ham, Cheese, & Cucumber Sushi

Not every snack has to be sweet. The presentation is fun and does not require much preparation. Delight your kids with their own sushi-like snack. Of course, use turkey, chicken, or any kind of lunchmeat they love.

Froyo Fruit Cups

What a great snack for hot school days! Refresh your school-aged children after a hot bus ride with these frozen yogurt fruit cups. Change it up with different flavors of yogurt and their favorite fruit. Of course, this snack will require advanced prep to give the yogurt plenty of time to freeze.

Chocolate Chip Granola Bites

Natural sweetener like honey or agave nectar bind this snack bite together. Use whole grain oats, semi-sweet to dark chocolate chips, the nut butter of your choice, and cinnamon. Your students will find this snack filling and satisfying to their sweet tooth.

Banana Roll-Ups

This snack is a little step up from a banana with peanut butter, which my kids always enjoyed. Change it up with almond butter on a flour tortilla. Roll up a peeled banana and cut slices to serve. You could always flavor with a little cinnamon, too.

Tuna-Stuffed Cucumbers

For a snack with more protein, try these tuna-stuffed cucumbers. Change it up with canned chicken for a different flavor.

Berry Yogurt Bark

This recipe is very similar to the Froyo Fruit Cups, but probably easier to make since you are breaking apart the yogurt into pieces instead of making individual servings.

These eight healthy after-school snacks are sure to satisfy hunger while not spoiling dinner. Most of them are gluten-free and can be adapted easily for most dietary needs. Which do you think your kids or grandkids will like the most?