Lawn Tips During a Drought and Heat Waves

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Green grass with dry, yellow spots with words Lawn Tips During a Drought and Heat Waves.

Are you experiencing drought and heat waves? It has been incredibly hot and dry this summer. For those of you new to the Lake Conroe, these high temperatures are unusual for such an extended time period in July. And, we have to get through August and most of September before we typically get some relief. In addition to the high temperatures and even higher heat indexes, we have not received any real, recordable rainfall. Fortunately, according to the US Drought Monitor, Montgomery County is only in the first stages of drought. However, the drought can easily become more severe if the lack of rainfall continues.

One of the first things in our lives to be adversely affected by both drought and heat waves is our lawns. The grass turns yellow and feels crunchy. What do you do? How can you properly care for your lawn when it seems to be burning up before your eyes? Well, today we are going to explore four lawn tips from a lawn professional. In fact, three of the tips are what not to do and the last one you should incorporate to save your grass. Watch the video from Lawn Life below.

***Note: Yes, it starts in the middle of the entire video, but that was purposeful. I don’t want to waste your time as he tries to sell merchandise. However, if you are interested in his t-shirts by all means watch the entire video. ***

What NOT to Do

  1. Do not rake or dethatch your lawn.
  2. Do not fertilize your lawn.
  3. Do not water your lawn at night.

What to Do

Closely monitor your lawn. As soon as you start seeing dark spots, hand water directly on that area. It should spruce up and not go into dormancy. If you already have yellow spots/sections, still hand water directly but it will take more consecutive days of watering before you see results.

Another consideration that Lawn Life does not discuss is making sure that your water company or service has not put restrictions on water usage or rationed water in any way. There might not currently be any restrictions, but as the summer drought progresses there will likely be some in the future. So make sure that you are compliant with any rules. You certainly do not want to get fined.

I hope you enjoyed these four tips for lawn care during a drought and heat waves from Lawn Life. May you be able to keep your lawn looking great or, at a minimum, save it from dying from this extremely hot summer.