Organizing Your Closet for 2021

Lara DeHavenHomeowner Tips, Lake Conroe, Montgomery County

Organizing your Closet

During January, the weather is usually wet and cold. It is too early to do much yard work and too wet to do much outdoors. So it is a perfect time to turn our attention to our interiors. There is no better place to begin than our closets. I doubt they get much love and attention throughout the year, which makes January the perfect time to organize your closet. In fact the saying “in with the new and out with the old” fits our closet storage problem, but I promise you will not have to get rid of everything.

Here is a video by a professional organizer, Sorted by Anna. She has some great tips. I personally loved how she described the differences between tidying and organizing one’s closet. After watching it, read three of my own tips that I have learned throughout the years.

Do All Your Laundry First

One tip that might seem obvious to some is to wash all your laundry before beginning to organize your closet. It does not make much sense to go through all that trouble without knowing exactly what clothes you have. Once all your laundry is clean, then you can donate all the clothes that are dated, don’t fit well, and/or you just don’t want anymore. There are several boxes for clothing donations around the Lake Conroe/Montgomery area.

Use Great Hangers

I recommend sturdy, coated hangers that you can purchase from any big box store like these Better Homes & Gardens brand. They don’t have to be these specific ones, but any similar hanger works well. Clothes stay put when you hang them; they do not slide off. The uniformity of the hangers creates a nice aesthetic.  These hangers take up very little space. In addition, the hangers treat your clothing well and don’t create creases on your shirts. Buying hangers might seem like an unnecessary expense, but you will see their benefit in your well-organized closet.

Turn your Hangers Backwards

For all the clothes that you want or think you want to keep, hang on your nice hangers. However, don’t hang them like normal. Instead turn them to hang backwards on the rod. The next morning say you select a blue blouse and a pair of jeans. After you wash the clothes that you wore, hang them in the normal direction on the rod. This simple technique enables you to see if you wear the clothes you have in your closet. If after three months you still have not worn an article of clothing that is seasonally appropriate, it is the perfect time to donate or give it away. The proof is in the direction of the hangers if you never wear something.

January is the perfect time to organize your closets. As you get ready in the morning, it will be easy to see what you have with an organized closet. With a place for everything, putting away laundry will not be a dreaded task. A well-organized closet can be a blessing. In fact, organizing your closet can also bless others with clothes and shoes that you no longer need or want. It is a win-win.