Outdoor Movie Theater Fun

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Outdoor Movie Theater

Who is ready for some outdoor movie theater fun?! They used to be popular in the late 1950s- to the mid-1960s. According to History.com, drive-ins as they were called became “an icon of American culture and a typical weekend destination” for the entire family. Then they went out of style for the larger, indoor, multi-screen movie theaters. Growing up those are the only ways I watched movies. Well, except for watching movies at home on a VHS tape rented from Blockbuster. My, how times have changed!

Drive-in theaters are enjoying a resurgence in popularity in recent years. With the pandemic, the popularity increased because it was a way to enjoy a movie, but stay as a family unit. However, very few movies were actually released during the height of the pandemic. Now that is starting to change. Therefore, I wanted to tell you about Showboat Drive-In, which is an excellent place to have some family fun not that far from the Lake Conroe area.

Location & Time:

Showboat Drive-In sits at 22422 Farm to Market 2920, Hockley, TX 77447. They open the entrance gates at 8:00 p.m. Typically they start films every night at 9:00 p.m. Be sure to verify that time on your ticket. It does have to be dark outside to fully see the movie on the big screen.


Each night there is a double feature. This month they are showing Black Widow, Space Jam 2, The Suicide Squad, and Jungle Cruise. These feature films are followed by GI Joe Snake Eyes, Black Widow, Jungle Cruise, or F9. There are different combinations so be sure to pick the two films you want to see. It is very affordable when you consider that you are paying for two movies.

Both screens are playing different movies at the same time. Tuning into the right radio channel is crucial in hearing the movie you want to see. You have to have a working FM radio; apps on your phone will not work. You could also bring a battery-operated FM radio.

What to Bring:

You can be creative when thinking about seating. Most people sit in their car or bring chairs to sit outside. Some have brought blow-up mattresses for the beds of their trucks. Others have even hauled a couch to the venue. Bring what will best fit your family’s needs. Additionally, there is a concession stand. You can order from the convenience of your phone on the FanFood App.

Summer is flying by and school will be starting soon. You can make outdoor movie memories at Showboat Drive-In. Order your tickets online or pay cash at the gate. Enjoy the movies, enjoy your family, and enjoy a little nostalgia. Show your kids some outdoor movie theater fun.