Payton Riley: Our Local Rising Star

Lara DeHavenCommunity Events, Montgomery County, News

Payton Riley words in front of an empty stage.

A local singer-songwriter is getting a lot of attention right now and for good reason. Payton Riley has been nominated by Texas Country Music Awards as the “Young Artist of the Year.” She also volunteers with Love Heals Youth, a local program serving foster care children. Today we are going to learn about her musical talent, reveal how you can vote for her, and highlight Love Heals Youth.

Musical Talent


Singer-songwriters are highly talented people. They write the lyrics, compose the music, and perform their own songs. Within this genre, Payton Riley earned a spot at a very young age. She will only be a freshman at Covenant Christian School this fall.

Payton often performs at local venues like The Table at Madeley. In fact, go see her there tonight from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. Tickets are available here. She also has a YouTube channel promoting her music. Payton writes both Country and Christian songs. To listen to a sample of the former genre, check out “Boys Keep Up.” “He Chose You for a Reason” is a great example of the latter.

Vote for Payton

After seeing her perform in person or checking out her music on YouTube, you will believe that Payton Riley should win the “Young Artist of the Year” award. Well, there’s good news. You can vote for her! And, you don’t have to be a member of the Texas Country Music Association. If you are not, then your vote doesn’t count as much, but it still counts. Click here to vote for Payton. You have until August 15th. Then the winners will be announced on November 12th in Fort Worth at Billy Bob’s at the 2023 Texas Country Music Awards.

Love Heals Youth

Her newest release, “Love Heals,” was inspired by the plight of children in the foster care system. KPRC recently interviewed Payton as they highlighted her involvement in the local organization. Watch it here to learn more about Love Heals Youth and hear her beautiful and touching song.

Even though Payton is only fourteen years old, we could not possibly cover everything about her in this post. To read more, the Courier covered her this week. She also has a website. Keep your ears out for her music and your eyes on Payton Riley, our local rising star.