Pick Paint Colors Like a Pro

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Pick Paint Colors like a Pro

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and quickest way to brighten up your home. Color trends differ from year to year and 2023 is no different. Ashley Childers posted a video on her YouTube channel that goes over the five main color trends, but most importantly discusses how to pick the right paint color like a pro. One of the biggest complaints I hear is that people have a hard time finding a color that they like on the wall. They buy gallons of paint only to realize that it is not exaclty what they wanted. Granted, it is hard to have the vision to go from a small color swatch to an entire wall and choose correctly every time. So watch her video and we will recap the highlights below.

2023 Color Trends

Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals have a yellow, brown, or pink undertone. Examples include beige, gold, and tan. Designer Amy Pigliocampo says, “Warm neutrals are a great way to give spaces a comfortable sunny feeling.” As a neutral, the colors go with most any style and decor choices. Therefore, they are also very versatile.

Umber Undertones

These colors complement the warm neutral trend. Umber undertones have a warm, brown base. These colors can all be found in nature like burnt sienna. They create depth and drama in a home. This year the Sherwin Wiliam’s Color of the Year is Redend Point, which is an umber undertone that I would describe as a pinkish beige.

Soft Pastels

Soft pinks, lavenders, light blues, and pale yellows are great pastel options for a home. Often people are choosing these colors for common areas within the house. For example, select one for the walls in your open living area or paint your kitchen cabinets in one of these soft colors.

Jewel Tones

I personally love jewel tones to accent your home. Jewel tones are beautiful, saturated colors that create vibrancy in a home. Ashley loves seeing these colors combined with modern furniture.

Dark & Moody

As the description indicates, these colors are dark and moody. They create a cozy and warm spaces.

Designer Tips for Picking Paint Color

So, now that you know the trends, how do you know which paint color will work in your space? First, Ashley Childers gives her favorite warm neutrals colors in the video. That is a great place to start. However, she gives some great tips to finding your own personal favorite paint color. Go to the paint section in any home improvement or paint store and pick out your favorite 15 colors. Take the swatches home and secure them to a piece of white paper. From there, select your favorites—up to six colors. Return to the home improvement store and purchase sample pots of the paints. Then on a piece of white poster board, paint a large square of each of your favorite colors. Throughout the day, hold your poster board of paint colors against the wall in many places around your home. The white background enables you to see the color and its undertones clearly.

Hopefully you have learned how to pick paint colors like a pro as well as enjoyed seeing the different color trends for 2023. Following Ashley’s advice and you might feel like an interior designer in your own home.