Proper Pruning Techniques for Ravishing Roses

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Proper pruning techniques

Valentine’s Day not only is the day most women receive roses from their significant others but it also marks rose pruning day for Texas. For your roses to continue to be manageable and produce big, beautiful blooms, they need to be pruned properly. So today, we will explore proper pruning techniques for ravishing roses.

I loved Heirloom Roses easy to understand approach to pruning roses. Ben creates a step-by-step approach with the help of a mnemonic device.


P is for-

Prepare the plant. While Ben prepared his rose bush in the fall, it is not too late to do this step now. It is a great way to cut back the plant and keep it a more manageable size. He recommends leaving 30 inches of growth.

R is for-

Remove all dead, diseased, and crossing canes. For this job, you will need long-handled pruning shears, gloves, and long sleeves to protect your skin from thorns. I do appreciate his reminder to not let the task overwhelm you. You don’t have to finish the job in one day. Make sure to watch the video because Ben explains how he chooses each cane he removes. You will certainly learn some great tips that you can apply to your rose bushes.

U is for-

Understand your plant. Ben wants air to flow freely through the rose bush. Therefore, now he starts removing canes that are closer than eight inches. He carefully chooses the stronger, healthier canes to ensure a stronger, healthier rose bush. This part might be harder for the typical homeowner as we don’t necessarily know our plant or what our expectations of it are. However, Ben teaches in this video how to understand bud growth for example. It is useful knowledge when selecting where to prune.

N is for-

Nothing left behind. Now when you compare your rose bush to what it was before you started, then you probably already feel that there is nothing left behind. You have radically changed its look by removing so many canes. However, in this step, you are looking for leaves and other debris that can create disease if allowed to remain. Use a leaf blower to help you finish this process well.

E is for-

Enjoy your rose. Undoubtedly, this is my favorite part. There are few things that bring me such pleasure in my garden than my roses. Each kind is different in shape, color, and even in scent. They make beautiful additions to anyone’s landscaping. You just have to remember to “stop and smell the roses.”

Now that you know the proper pruning techniques for roses you can get started. Pruned rose bushes are healthier and have more robust blooms. They are gift you give yourself every day of the spring, summer, and fall starting on Valentine’s Day.