Protect Your Lawn During a Drought

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Protect Your Lawn

It doesn’t require a degree in meteorology to know that we are on the verge of a severe drought. We have gotten inconsistent and little rain. Combine that with high winds all spring and unseasonably hot temperatures now and we could be in serious trouble. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, Montgomery County is currently experiencing a moderate drought with the northeast part only being abnormally dry. However, neighboring Grimes County has both severe and moderate drought conditions. Moving more west, parts of Texas are already in an extreme or even an exceptional drought. Therefore, let’s explore how you can protect your lawn during a drought by watering purposefully.

Purposeful Watering

Water Restrictions-

During a drought, homeowners typically experience water restrictions. In fact, the Municipal Utility District (MUD) has implemented Stage One of their drought contingency plan in The Woodlands. Depending on your address number, you are assigned days and times to water your yard. Stage One is voluntary. It is not mandatory, but if conditions continue to worsen we will be under more and more restrictions.

Water Wisely-

So when we are able to water our landscaping, we need to do it wisely. We have all walked down the street and witnessed someone’s sprinkler watering the driveway or sidewalk. What a waste of water! Target all areas of your lawn strategically and only water for an hour or up to 80 minutes at a time. This deep watering of grass encourages it to grow deep roots, which will help save it during a drought. Do not water the same part of your lawn every day. According to Lawns-4-U, grass only needs one inch of water a week.

Water in the A.M.-

The time of day that you water is also important. You want to avoid evaporation as much as possible. Therefore, do not water during the heat of the day. That too will waste water. The ideal time for watering your lawn is between 6 and 9 a.m. Some people like to water in the evening, but Lawns-4-U states, “If you water late at night, all the moisture will sit for hours and hours, giving mold, mildew, and fungus a chance to thrive.” We do not want to usher in more problems.

Hopefully, you have found these watering tips helpful and we strive to protect our lawns and landscaping from drought conditions. Continue to monitor your area for water restrictions as they vary from place to place. Please pray for rain because Texas farmers and ranchers are really hurting from the lack of rain. It is much easier to protect your lawn from drought than massive spreads of land.