Top Fall Decor Trends for 2023

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Top Fall Decor Trends for 2023

Fall is coming! Last weekend a family member showed me a quilt that she had made. She used autumnal tones and fallen leaves. It was beautiful and made me imagine snuggling under it while enjoying a book. However, as soon as I opened the front door, my reverie evaporated with the incredible heat. Even though temperatures continue to soar in the Lake Conroe area, you can now purchase a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks as of August 24th. Both the quilt and latte remind me of the truth that fall is fast approaching. It is not too early to begin bringing some fall decor into your home. Here are the top fall decor trends for 2023.

Highlight Nature

You don’t have to decorate your home with literal pumpkins in order to showcase your fall decor. Instead, use autumnal colors as accents in your home. These are typically warm, rich tones. This year chocolate brown, mossy green, and caramel are popular colors. Better Homes and Gardens also recommends adding a shade of blue, which is not a traditional fall color. If you don’t want a sky blue or teal shade, then try navy along with the other colors found in nature to make your home on trend.

In addition to colors, you can also introduce natural items into your decor. For example, fill a vase, pottery, or pitcher with dried wheat and/or dried flowers. Also in a shallow dish or bowl, pinecones make a natural statement. Either way, you are highlighting the season by bringing the colors and natural outdoor items inside.

Switch Out Textiles

Another easy way to bring fall decor into your house is to switch out your throw blankets and throw pillows. You can choose the natural colors suggested in the section above to kill two birds with one stone or any colors that you love. Many designers suggest that you find these items in neutral tones to last for many seasons. So, you have many color options. Choose which fits best in your home and its existing decor.

The trend in fall textiles this year is to utilize sustainable ones. Look for items made of wool, cashmere, and even velvet to bring your home into the next season. You want these items to not only look good but feel good, too. If you want to make a bigger autumnal statement, don’t ignore the floor. Change out any of your floor rugs or add a rug to a carpeted room for extra texture and a sense of coziness.

Accent with Natural Materials

Jennifer Howard with Cottage on Bunker Hill recommends using natural materials in your furniture or accent pieces. This fall wooden, stone, and wicker pieces are super popular. Whether you introduce a new piece of wooden furniture or just a wooden serving tray on your coffee table, look for ways to include wooden materials in your fall decor. This year especially distressed wood is hot. Stone pieces could be either marble or granite. Coasters, serving trays, shallow bowls, or even artistic works made of stone are great examples of ways to integrate stone materials into your decor. Wicker can easily be integrated with basketry.

Maybe as we transition our home with fall decor trends for 2023, we won’t feel the heat as intensely outside. Soon the winds will change and the temperatures will reduce bringing in the much anticipated next season of autumn. I cannot wait to say, “Happy Fall Y’all!” Can you?