Big Wave Award Recipient

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Big Wave Award Recipient

Last week, Lake Homes Realty hosted its National Agent’s Summit in Birmingham, Alabama. This was its 11th annual summit. The purpose of the summit is to teach new strategies and technologies as well as facilitate networking between different agents. Additionally, Lake Homes Realty takes advantage of the time together to recognize outstanding agents.

Mike Goins

Last year, Mike Goins earned the Agent of the Year, also called the Big Splash Award. This year the award went to Kristie Anderson. Congratulations, Kristie! However, Mike was recognized as a Big Wave Award recipient.

Big Wave Award

Honestly, this kind of post makes Mike Goins uncomfortable. He doesn’t like tooting his own horn because Mike is truly a humble man. However, you should know when he is recognized for excellence as a realtor.

The Big Wave Award has certain criteria based on the amount sold in a year. Agents must sell between $10 million and $25 million of real estate in 2022. These agents make a “big wave” in lake real estate.

Lake Homes Realty

Lake Homes Realty is “the nation’s largest lake-focused real estate company.” It employs real estate experts in lake properties. They have recently created a sister brokerage called Beach Homes Realty. The headquarters are in Birmingham, but their influence spreads all over the east and north of the United States. For example, Texas alone has 208 lakes!

Lake Conroe is the third-largest market for lake homes and property in Texas. Mike is proud to be able to serve this area. He knows it like the back of his hand. Also, Mike has the honor to also serve Lake Houston and Houston County Lake.

If you are interested in owning a lake home or lake property on any of these lakes in Texas, then contact Mike Goins. Not only does he have the expertise, Mike strives to treat every client like he would want to be treated. He lives by the Golden Rule. Additionally, Dave Ramsey recognizes him as one of his Ramsey Trusted Pros, formerly called Endorsed Local Providers (ELP). And, Lake Homes Realty continues to recognize Mike as one of their top agents. He is humbled to be recognized again as a Big Wave Award recipient.