Curb Appeal Step Three: Deep Cleaning

Lara DeHavenHomeowner Tips, Lake Conroe, Montgomery County

Deep Cleaning

Today we will focus on deep cleaning as our third step to better curb appeal.  If you have been following our series, then you know we looked at exterior lighting last week.  The week before that we discussed the importance of painting your front door.  All of these steps improve the curb appeal of your property, which make it stand out on the market or simply shine bright in your neighborhood.  Deep cleaning also allows your home to shine and have an inviting curb appeal.  Let’s examine three areas of your home to properly deep clean to make it look well-maintained.


An easily forgotten part of your curb appeal is the roof.  We know it exists, but don’t really pay attention to the rooftop.  However, a clean, well-maintained roof will catch your eye and passersby and/or any potential buyer will notice.  Leaves, pine needles, dirt, and even the pollen can collect in the grooves of our rooftops regardless if they are made of metal, composite shingles, or tile.  Depending on how long it has been since you last cleaned your roof, you might need to only sweep away the debris.  A spray wash and rinse might do the job or it might require power washing.

You can do this yourself with the many different products available or you can hire professionals.  Consider how tough the job is and how steep your roof is when deciding who will deep clean your roof.  Regardless who does the job, a clean roof will stand out and give the appearance of a well-maintained home.

Porch/Entrance Area:

Even though we started at the top of the home with the roof in this article, our eyes will rest on the home’s focal point, which is the front door.  We have already discussed popular colors and how to accessorize your front door with proper light fixtures, but if they are covered in spider webs, dust, and surrounded by clutter it won’t matter how great your front entryway is.  Begin by removing any extraneous belongings.  All shoes, rubber boots, and toys need to be picked up.  Clean the windows in your door and/or around your door.  Dust the exterior light fixtures.

Now look at your walls.  Stucco, brick, wood, hardie board, etc. can show dirt and even mildew.  A proper cleaning with a spray wash and rinse might do the job.  For tougher cleaning jobs, a pressure washer might be necessary.  However, consider if the power washer could cause damage to your siding like removing paint before you begin.  Again, there are many products made for cleaning exterior walls and you always have the option of hiring professionals.  Whichever you decide, do not forget the porch or entrance floor.  It probably consists of concrete, brick, or wood, all of which will look brand new with a proper pressure washing.  Done well, all stains and grime will be removed and you will restore the beauty of the floor once more.

Walkway & Driveway:

As guests arrive at your home, they will most likely park in the driveway and walk up to the front steps.  It is important to extend the power washing from the porch floor out to the curb.  A clean, spotless walkway and driveway can only make your home stand out.  No oil stains, no dirt, no grime, and no discolorations.  In fact, the absence of these common things in a driveway will be noticed by everyone.  While you are improving the look of your driveway and walkway, make sure that the grass is trimmed.  Encroaching grass or weeds will detract from even the most spotless driveway.

In real estate, curb appeal plays an important role in increasing your home’s value and in generating interest in potential buyers.  Deep cleaning your home’s roof, entry/porch area, and the walkway/driveway improve your home’s curb appeal.  It allows your house’s true beauty to shine and enables your home to put its best face forward.

If you are unsure what to power wash or how to use a pressure washer, please check out these links for more information: 13 Things You Should Never Pressure Wash and Pressure Wash Like a Boss.